Grade: Middle
Subject: Geography

#701. Five Themes of Geography Cooperative Group Activity

Geography, level: Middle
Posted Sat Nov 14 17:45:59 PST 1998 by Janet Stout (
Cameron Middle School, Nashville, TN USA
Materials Required: Five large pieces of posterboard, Old magazines, Scissor, Glue, and Markers
Activity Time: One fifty minute class period
Concepts Taught: Five Themes of Geography

After an introduction to the five themes of geography, divide the class into five cooperative groups. Allow each group to choose one of the five themes of geography. After all the themes of geography have been selected. Hand out copies of old magazines to each group. Instruct the group that they are to search through the magazines for pictures that depict their theme of geography. After selecting the pictures for their theme, they are to glue the pictures to the posterboard and make a collage. They are to write their theme at the top of the posterboard. After all groups have finished their theme posters, a spokesperson is selected from each group. Each cooperative group will take turns having their spokesperson present their group's poster to the rest of the class, explaining why they chose the pictures that are on their poster and how the pictures relate to their theme.