Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#713. Follow Instructions Scavenger Hunt

other, level: Middle
Posted Fri Jun 18 08:24:57 PDT 1999 by Cindy Sanders and Tina Ford (
Devonshire School, Waterloo, IA USA
Materials Required: computer and printer
Activity Time: 1 hr.
Concepts Taught: social skill development

Devonshire Scavenger Hunt
by Cindy Sanders and Tina Ford

Student Name ________________________________________

Complete this activity with a partner and staff member after you have gone through Internet Island with your teacher.

1. Read and follow the directions carefully
2. If something doesn't work, reread the steps
3. Ask for staff help if things still don't work
4. If you use the underlined web sites, use the Back arrow on the web site to take you back to this worksheet

Part 1: Calendar of Your Birth

Click on the underlined web site or find the bookmark:

Calendar Creator

Make and print a calendar for the year you were born:
1. Type in the month and year you were born in the empty white box
2. Press "Return" button
3. Print (go to "File" column and select Print)
4. Print 1 copy per student in your group

Answer the following questions from your calendar:
1. What day of the week were you born on? ____________________________
2. What day of the week was Christmas on that year (12/25)? _______________


Part 2: Solving Puzzles

Click on the underlined web site or find the bookmark:

Family Fun Crafts

Solve the 5 Valentine puzzles and write your answers below:
1. _________________________________
2. _________________________________
3. _________________________________
4. _________________________________
5. _________________________________

Part 3: Favorite Toys

Click on the underlined web site or find the bookmark:

Toys Were Us

Read the first 2 paragraphs about Frisbees and answer the following questions:
1. What were the first Frisbees? __________________________________
2. How did they get their name? __________________________________


Part 4: Make Your own Vocabulary Puzzle

Click on the underlined web site or find the bookmark:


Follow these steps to make your own word search:
1. Title: In the first empty white box, type in the first names of your group members and the word "puzzle" (ie. Ted and Ed's Puzzle)
2. Size: In the 2 boxes with "15" in them, change both numbers to 12
3. Options: Click in the 1st circle ("use each letter only once")
4. Output Type: leave at HTML
5. Enter words: pick 5 words from your vocabulary list and type each word in the large whit box (press "Return" after each word
6. Click on box "Create Word Search"
7. When the big box with the yellow triangle comes up, press OK
8. Print 2 copies of your puzzle: go to "File" column and select "Print"; click on Print when the box comes up
9. Complete the word search


Answer the following questions:
What happens if you don't follow instructions ? (give 2 examples) _________
Where else do you need to be able to follow directions in order? (give 2 examples) ________________________________________________________

After you have completed this worksheet, turn it in with your calendar and word search.