Grade: Middle
Subject: History

#716. Proficiency test Review (or any test review)

History, level: Middle
Posted Wed Feb 24 18:46:18 PST 1999 by Sarah E. Taylor (
Mason High School, Mason Ohio
Materials Required: GENERALIZED TEST (separated into sections listed below), worksheets based on each of the sections
Activity Time: I reccomend at least 45 MIN...I use 3 bells..
Concepts Taught: Test REVIEW

Take generalized Citizenship pretest, (or any subj.) and score. Conference
individually w/ students, and allow them to make their opinion on their
weakest area. Show them the results of the test, and either agree on or
disagree on their weakest area. Divide children into groups (by their weakest area),
each with a different subject matter (LAW, GERERAL CITIZENSHIP, ECONOMICS, GEOGRAPHY,
HISTORY...etc.) Give students flash cards and textbooks to answer
worksheet questions on their weakest area. This really gets rid of a lot of stress
on the teacher, and gives the students some time to work in groups.