Grade: Elementary
Subject: Phys Ed

#717. Healthy foods for your teeth.

Phys Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Nov 23 15:39:22 PST 1998 by Tracie Sims (
W.T. Henning, Sulphur, La.
Materials Required: 2 baskets, snickers, apples, gum, mints, lollipops, carrots, oranges, peas, skittles, pears
Activity Time: 30 min.
Concepts Taught: Students will be able to tell the kinds of foods that are good for their teeth.

1. Review brushing techniques. Tell students they must be sure they get to all of their teeth. Moving the brush in little circles on the outside, inside, and the bottoms of teeth. 2. The students will be put into small groups and given food cards. Each group will sort the cards into healthy foods, and foods that are not healthy for your teeth. 3. After discussing the results of each group, and why they made the choices made. The class will then work together to sort foods into the correct baskets.