Grade: Elementary

#720. Consonant Blends Interactive Bulletin Board

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Nov 25 16:10:21 PST 1998 by Marie Rice (
Materials Required: Butcher paper, cardstock, velcro
Concepts Taught: Consonant Blends

Take butcher paper and cut out a design of a bowl.
Then draw lines to make it look like you were seeing 1/2 of the bowl.
Above the bowl, use more paper to design a hand-held blender that looks like it is sticking in the bowl.
On the blender, put various single consonants.
In the bowl, put the blends attached to little velcro patches (for easy removal).

Off to one side, make a "recipe" card that asks for
nonsense items (words) that would require a blend to finish them. (like 1 cup of __end)

Put the word (without the blend) on cards with a little piece of velcro before it so kids could sort and attach the right blend to finish the word.

Change the "word" cards often so they got practice with
making lots of different words.