Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#723. Who Lives in the Sea? A class book

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Nov 29 07:08:07 PST 1998 by Emmy (
Lone Grove Elementary School, Lone Grove, OK
Materials Required: Reference books
Activity Time: several classtime periods
Concepts Taught: Culmination of ocean life unit

I assigned a letter of the alphabet to each student (some had to have two). I had known
that I was going to study oceans and I am a big book collector. The
bookstores always have those discount books on sale and I bought several
"coffee table" type books about the ocean. They had to read and find
something that went with their letter. Of course I had to guide some of
them. They wrote their report and in computer class typed and printed it out. Each student was given an 18x12 sheet of white construction paper on which they drew in large dimension the sea animal they chose and attached with glue their computer generated report. We compiled these writing into a class book.

These were the animals that one class chose to use:

Bottlenosed dolphins
glass eels
Fiddler crabs
Great white shark
gulper eel
hammerhead sharks
Invisible cats (catfish)
leopard seal
mushroom coral
nurse shark
queen angel fish
tiger shark
unicorn fish
viper fish
white shark
We had an eXcellent time studying the oceans

Here are some of the BOOKS that I used:

Down Under, Down Under Diving Adventures on the Great Barrier Reef by
Ann McGovern
Eyes on Nature: Fish by Jane P. Resnick (KidsBooks)
Usborne Mysteries and marvels of Ocean Life
Inside the Whate and other Animals by Ted Dewan (Doubleday)
The Aractic and its people by susan Bullen
What is a Fish? (Troll)
Going on a Whale Watch by Bruce McMillan (Scholastic)
Coral Reefs, Facts, stories, activities by Jenny Wood (Scholastic)
Questions and Answers About Seashore Animals by Michael chinery
Fish (pictures, facts, activities) Science Safari Series
Usborne Facts and Fun about animals and science (Scholastic)
Usborne books are great!
Life in the Oceans by Lucky Baker (Scholastic)
Amphibians (Gururimau Books)
Amphibians Creatures of the Land and Water by Edward J. Maruska
Amazing Animal Disguises (Eyewitness Juniors: 19)
Whale Watch Endangered Animals by Keith Pigdon & Marilyn Woolley (Modern
Curriculum Press)
A Day in the Life of a Marine Biologist (Troll)
Amazing Fish (Eyewitness Juniors: 11)
The Great Animal Search illustrated by Ian Jackson (Usborne)
The Great Undersea Searach illustrated by Ian Jackson (Usborne)
Sea Life (Science Safari series)
The Usborne Illustrated Encyclopedia The Natural World (Scholastic)
A Random House TELL ME ABOUT book: Ocean Animals
Priackly and Poisonous by Anita Ganeri (Riverswift)
Great Coral Reefs by Joseph Wallace (Mallard Press)