Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#725. On Market Street

other, level: Elementary
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W.T.Henning Elementary School, Sulphur,La. 70663
Materials Required: library books on markets
Activity Time: on going
Concepts Taught: Goods used by consumers

Name of Lesson:On Market Street
Subject Area:Consumer Health & Language Arts
Level:Grade 1&2
Purpose:Students will learn basic facts about consumers and consumer goods.Students will be introduced to an appreciation of good Children's Literature
Materials:Fiction and Non-Fiction books on markets.On Market Street by Arnold Lobel,Baby-O by Nancy Carlstrom and Market by Ted Lewin.
Procedure:During story time, introduce the students to what a consumer is and what goods and services are used by consumers. Read aloud On Market Street by Arnold Lobel. Divide the class into small groups and have them research in the library,different goods used by consumers in the United States.Have them use reference books,non-fiction and fiction books and the internet access to the computer to compile information. Another storytime, read aloud Market by Ted Lewin and Baby-O by Nancy Carlstrom. Have the students divide back into their groups and compile goods used by consumers in different types of markets other than the traditional grocery store. Using the information learned during research ask the students to brainstorm the different types of consumer goods and services used in other parts of the world. At the end, have the children cut ou of magazines, pictures of sonsumer goods used by a consumer and compile a booklet.
Questions:1.What is a consumer?
2.What are goods used by consumers?
3.What are services used by consumers?
4.Ask the students if they visited the market what goods would they buy?

Explorations and Extensions;Make a bulletin board showing On Market Street by Arnold Lobel and have the student's work of different goods bought at the market, using every letter of the alphabet as the alphabet book portrays.
Evaluation: Evaluation will take place as the student participate in activities and discussion. The booklets will be evaluated too.