Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#750. Which Witch is Which?

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Dec 14 07:47:09 PST 1998 by Tamara Miles (
Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO USA
Materials Required: penicl, paper, and dictionary
Activity Time: 30 minutesThis activity is based on practicin
Concepts Taught: Learning Homonyms

This activity is based on practicing homonyms. The teacher will provide the class with a list of homonyms. Examples are "mail and male," "write and right," "through and threw," and etc. The class will be required to take each word and write the definition on a piece of paper. After finding all of the definitions, the class will be required to write a sentence using the word according to its definiton. This activity is a way of helping students with their writing. A majority of children will use the wrong word because it sounds like the word they are wanting, but they often spell it wrong because of the confusion with homonyms. After completing this activity, your class will hopefully have a better understanding of homonyms.