Grade: Elementary
Subject: Phys Ed

#754. Dodging skills - space invaders game!

Phys Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Dec 17 09:21:29 PST 1998 by Kim Bellnier (
Hilton Central School - Quest Elementary, Hilton, NY USA
Materials Required: floor markers such as stars or poly spots, cones
Activity Time: 35 minutes
Concepts Taught: dodging: speed/level/direction changes and fakes

Following a warm-up, introduce dodging skills with this fun lesson!!
Demonstrate how to dodge using the following skills: Change speed, change your level (duck or jump!) change direction (use zig zag pattern while running for example) or use a fake (pretend to go one way or level, and quickly change!) Teacher demonstrates each type of dodge technique and tells students that this it what should be demonstrated during the space invaders game!

SPACE INVADERS GAME: Divide the class into two teams, with one team standing on the end line and the other team is spread out inside the playing area (fairly small) with each member standing on a star shaped poly spot. (available in pe equipment catalogs, or laminate paper stars!). The team on the end line are the "space travelers" first, and their objective is to run across the "galaxy" to the opposite endline without getting tagged by an "alien" standing on a star! Aliens must have one foot on their star at all times during the game, and cannot move their star. They can only reach out and try to tag a runner (space travelers) as they try to get across. Try to set up the game so the stars are fairly close together to make it more of a challenge for the runners to get across and demonstrate dodging techniques. Space travelers can run back across whenever they are ready and aliens need to be aware of runners coming from both ends!!
If tagged.. the space travelers must put their hands on their head, and wait until a fellow space traveler tags them on their way across. When tagged by a teammate the frozen traveler is back in the game!

Switch aliens and space travelers every 5-10 minutes!!

Review dodging skills during class closure. Discuss team sport/game application of these skills. Pinpoint students who are demonstrating specific dodging techniques during class.