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#762. Creative Writing business letter to teacher

other, level: all
Posted Wed Dec 23 02:10:19 PST 1998 by Brenda Welch (
Santa Ana High School, Santa Ana, CA USA
Materials Required: computer, word processor, typewrite
Activity Time: 1 hour maybe 2 depending on level
Concepts Taught: English use, appreciation letter

Students are told to write a letter to their 2nd favorite teacher, of course, since I'm their very favorite!(joke) They are asked to format the letter as a formal business letter to the teacher. Two paragraphs telling this teacher (at current school) how much they appreciate them, enjoy their class, learned from them, etc. It could be to a coach, staff, other personnel on campus. This helps with awareness not only for the students to format and compose their own letters but allows the other teachers to appreciate and notice these students. Most students write to different teachers. It's a fun exercise that both sides enjoy. I read, edit and we rewrite them & I actually send (or put the letters in teacher boxes). You can also have students make their own letterheads, scan their pictures, add graphics, etc. It's one such idea to take away boredom! We enjoy it! It motivates and gives the feeling of accomplishment! Good luck!