Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#764. Santa's workshop

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Dec 26 16:57:26 PST 1998 by Mary (
St.Thomas Elementary, Madison, SD
Materials Required: paper,pencil, hand held mini clock
Activity Time: approx. 40-50min
Concepts Taught: time interval

This lesson works great for the last few days before Christmas. As a class, we discusses places where Santa, Mrs. Claus, or the elves may need to be aware of the amount of time they spend on projects so that they can complete tasks on time. We brainstorm our first story problem: < It takes an elf 10 minutes to harness each reindeer for the sleigh, how long will it take to harness all eight reindeer. If Santa wants to leave the north pole at 6:00pm. What time would the elf need to begin his work?>
The children are split up into groups of 3-4 kids, they write one story problem for each catagory: Santa's workshop, Reindeer Barn, Mrs. Claus' Kitchen. They then read their story probems to the class and award points to the other teams for their anwsers. Two points for getting the correct answer on the first try, one point for getting correct on the second try.