Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#765. Cultural Contact

Language, level: Senior
Posted Tue Dec 29 14:08:07 PST 1998 by Karen D. Haney (
Elkhart High School, Elkhart, Texas
Materials Required: Library, The Net; 4"x7" typing paper squares, pencils, pen, carbon, acrylic paints & brushes
Activity Time: 1 search & 1 analysis, 2-45 min activities
Concepts Taught: Research, Analyzation, Relate through Art

Objective: Acquaint first year Spanish students with the
diversity of the Hispanic Culture, utiliziing technology
enhanced research and creative graphics (by hand) to retell
the researched story.
Phase I: Each student shall select an Hispanic country to
research. Even in large classes, there will be relatively
few duplications, especially if one utilizes the various
Hispanic ethnic centers within the United States. Spend one
class perion researching through The Net and old standbys,
periodicals, bound reference materials, and old newspapers.
Phase II: Write a two page report on the country in
English and make a 2 minute oral presentation on three most
important issues. (This year I asked for political informa-
tion only for the oral report).
Phase III: On 4"x7" white typing paper rectangles each
student will draw a mosaic representing the researched
country. First pencil the drawing, retrace all major lines
in black ink for crispness. The name of the country is not
necessary but may be used as part of the design. All space
must be accounted for in some fashion. One of the easier
ways to account for the background is through geographic or
weather symbols on a color field.
Phase IV: On a white wall, align the rectangles and trace
off onto the wall using carbon. Hold the rectangles in
place with taped corners; removed when finished. Paint the
mosaics. Use a division device such as a grid in black or
gray. Invite your local press for a cultural moment.
PS: It's beautiful when completed!