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#766. All About Me

other, level: all
Posted Thu Feb 25 15:01:53 PST 1999 by Nicole Moore (
River Rige, USA
Materials Required: yarn---Children
Activity Time: Biggining of school year

When children play this game they usally gat a little noisy,
But when they play this game you know there having fun!!!!!

Frist what you do is you go out side with a
roll of yarn and you as the teacher say I am Mrs.____ or if
you are a Miss say I am Miss.______
My favoroit thing to do is ______
Than you toss the whole yarn roll while you are still
holding on the end of the yarn
the same thing the next time!
The kids can see the butiful paterns and listen to there
class mates talk about them selfs!!
Than, Go back words and make the kids resite what the one
that tossed the yarn to them said!!
Remember that you have to go in a unonamuse order!!

e-mail me with your imput with this lesson
or with questens!!

Thanks a bunch!!,