Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#770. French lessons, French culture: introduction

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Apr 30 08:48:09 PDT 2008 by Marta Garcia-Gutierrez Baez (Marta Garcia-Gutierrez Baez).

In this lesson we have talked about French culture, specially how French people use non-verbal communication in introductions or interactions with people. We concentrated on three basic categories; eye contact, hand shaking, and kissing. We talked about how the intensity of the relationship between two people directly influences which gestures will people use and will determinate the closeness and respect felt between two people...

In the classroom we have played out some situations in which you have experienced how French people make use of these non-verbal communication skills, each of you had a different roll and watched as others played out different situations.

Since there is no real test for this lesson, I would like everyone to give out their personal opinion on the topic; what you think of the way French people communicate? What did you feel when you were using those communication skills? What would you have done different and why? And the most important question: Do you understand that as there are different countries, there are different cultures and they will differ of yours? How do you feel about that?

I want you to give your full opinion on these questions, expressing every thought and why do you feel that way. "I do not know" is not considered a valid answer, there is nothing easier than giving out our own opinion.