Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#771. Hats

Literature, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: (see activity)
Concepts Taught: Sorting

Hats, hats, hats (Ann Morris)
Genre: Non-Fiction

Objectives: As a result of this experience, the students will be able to 1) enjoy listening to good literature read aloud, 2) create a
sorting game based on the book, and 3) play the sorting game that they (or their peers) have created.

book, Hats, Hats, Hats in library and big book forms
variety of hats including: baseball cap, cowboy hat, hardhat, derby, beret, etc.
File folder game with envelope & photocopies of hats
For each child: File folder; Photocopy of hats (laminated); Envelope; Marker; Pens/ Pencils

Building Background and Creating Interest
What do you know about hats? Record responses on the concept map.
Show the hats. How are these hats the same? Different?
Why do people wear hats?

Show the cover of the book and have the children predict what it is about.
Read the title, author, and illustrator.

Setting Purposes for Reading
Let's read and find out more about hats.

What kind of hats are these people wearing?
Why are these people wearing hats?
Do you have any of these kinds of hats?
What do these hats do?
Are these hats the same or different? Why?
Why are these people wearing hats?

Creative Activity:
Set up a file folder game in which the children can sort the hats in the book.
Copy and laminate the pictures of the hats from the index.
Put an envelope on one side of the file folder.
Divide and label the other side into "protection", "ceremony", "fashion".
Have the children sort the hats into the three categories.
Invite the children to divide another file folder into categories that they choose.
Put the games in the manipulative/ math center for everyone to play.

Observe and record anecdotal notes about the 1) interest in the book and 2) participation and enthusiasm in the making and playing
of the game exhibited by the children.