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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#772. "Caps for sale" game

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jan 1 08:46:04 PST 1999 by Jill Davis (davii@galstar.com).
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Materials Required: (See activity)
Concepts Taught: Creative movement activity


Genre: Fiction

Book Title: Caps for Sale Author and Illustrator: Esphyr Slobodkina

Objectives: As a result of this experience the child will be able to 1) appreciate listening to good literature and 2) participate in a
creative movement activity/ game.

Materials and Resources:
Caps for Sale in both big book and library form
Personal hats to balance
Unused showercap- one for each child
* Note: When used properly, the showercap will prevent the spread of lice
Hats- two to three for each child (baseball caps are easiest to borrow and balance)
Music & Tape/ Record Player

Building Background and Creating Interest
Walk to story area balancing several hats on head
"Caps! Caps for sale! Fifty cents a cap! I am a peddler that sells something. Instead of carrying my wares on my back, I carry
them on my head. Can you guess what they are? [HATS!] That's right, I sell hats, or as I call them, caps. I have another friend who
also sells caps. One day he got into some trouble... Would you like to hear the story?"

Show cover of the book, read the title, and author/ illustrator.
This is my friend. He's the one that also sells caps.
What is happening here? What is he doing? Who else is in the picture? What kind of trouble do you think he is in?

Setting Purposes for Reading
Let's read Caps for Sale to find out what happened to my friend.

What is a "peddler"?
What are "wares"?
What are this peddler's wares?
How many red caps does he have? Gray caps? White caps? Brown caps? Checked caps? Total?
What would happen if the man "upset" his caps? What would happen to the hats?
Why did the man walk slowly?
Now, how many caps are on the man's head?
Is that more than before, less than before, or the same as before?
What do you think happened to his caps?
What do you think he saw?
What do you think the monkeys will do?
What will the man do now?

Creative Activity:
Have each child put on an unused shower cap (if you will be reusing, label with the child's name in permanent marker). Make sure
all hair is tucked in the shower cap.
Give each child two to three hats to put on. The child may need to find a partner to help balance on his/ her head.
Put on music and have the children move around the room/ gym, trying to balance the hats.
As the children move about, call out instructions such as Touch the floor; Spin around once; Sit down; Stand up; Balance on one
leg; Find a partner and touch hands
When you call out Watch out for the monkeys!, have the students take off their hats. When you call out Caps for Sale!, have the
students put back on their hats.

Observe and record notes on 1) the enjoyment of the story and 2) the interest and enthusiasm of the activity.