Grade: Elementary

#779. Using a Dictionary - Sounds

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: Dictionary and materials provided here
Activity Time: 25 minutes (approx.)
Concepts Taught: Dictionary Pronunciation Key

Using a Dictionary - Sounds

Use a dictionary to help you make the correct choices.

1. Which word starts with the same sound as "xenon"?

a. x-ray
b. extra
c. seen
d. zebra

2. Which word rhymes with "yacht"?

a. scratched
b. spot
c. backed
d. raced

3. Which word has the same vowel sound as the last syllable of "depot"?

a. crow
b. clock
c. loot
d. fur

4. If you don't already know, look up the pronunciations of the following three words: ptomaine, ptyalin, , and pterosaur.

If "ptest" were a real word, it would probably sound just like __________.

a. test
b. pest
c. fest
d. pet test


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