Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#782. Looking Back

Mathematics, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: Provided
Activity Time: 20 minutes (approx.)
Concepts Taught: Dates and Time- Problem Solving

Looking Back

Based on information found at The History Channel Online,

Solve the following problems based on the premise that today is October 12, 1998.

1. On October 12, 1960, Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev shocked the world when he took his shoe off and pounded it on his desk at a meeting of the United Nations. That happened exactly _____ years ago.

2. It was 506 years ago, to the day, when Christopher Columbus "discovered" America. The first monument honoring Columbus was dedicated in Baltimore, Maryland on October 12, 1792. That was _____ years after the historic voyage.

3. Kirk Cameron, the actor, is 28 years old today. In what year was he born?

4. Joan Rivers is celebrating her birthday today. She was born in 1935. How old is she?

5. Today is Susan Anton's 48th birthday. She will be 50 years old on October 12, _______.

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