Grade: Elementary

#785. Book Reports

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Jan 5 19:14:28 PST 1999 by Betsy Gilliland (
USD 336, Holton, USA
Materials Required: poster board
Activity Time: 20 min.

Try these two styles of book reporting for 5-8th graders. My class loved them. BOOK IN A BAG REPORTS: Students bring a grocery bag and write the title and author in marker clearly on the outside. They then select 5 items from home to put into the bag they relate to their story. As they explain the items, they are telling sections of the story, but not the whole story. NOVEL FEASTS: Students use poster board to write the title of the book and author on the top 1/2. On the bottom 1/2, they divide it into 4 parts and draw favorite scenes from the story. As they explain the scenes, they are telling parts of the story. The fun part is bringing something to eat that in someway relates to the book. For example, spider cookies for Charlotte's Web, candy bars for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, puppy chow mix in a Meow Mix bag for the book "Socks"! We had good eats with our milk time and munched while listening to oral book reports. This one was really fun! They must explain how the treat relates to the book. Some were very creative.