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#790. Grandparents Day worry stones

other, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Jan 6 11:26:35 PST 1999 by sclevinger (
Elkhorn City Elementary School, Elkhorn City,Kentucky (Pike County)
Materials Required: 1 small,smooth stone; several permanent sharpie markers; colored tissue; yarn; spray varnish (optio
Activity Time: Actual activity 2-30 minute class sessions
Concepts Taught: show appreciation for Grandparents on their special day

Tell students about the activity at least a week in advance so
so they can look for small,smooth stones no bigger than a
half-dollar.(I found a bag of "gemstones" at a yard sale this
year that didn't have to be varnished.) A stone is chosen by
each student to be decorated using sharpie markers placed
with their group.If necessary these will be spray varnished
and left overnight to dry.

Students will then copy the poem in their own handwriting
to be included with the worry stone.

A worry stone
To ease your heart.
Rub it and your
worries will depart.

Both poem and worry stone will be wrapped in tissue (bag style)
and tied with yarn. Students present these to Grandparents
as they visit the classroom or take them home to their
Grandparents on Grandparents Day