Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#791. Developing an Experimental Design

Science, level: Middle
Posted Thu Jan 7 12:07:45 PST 1999 by Jennifer B. James (
Westbury Middle School, Westbury, NY
Materials Required: Steps to the scientific method
Activity Time: 45-60 minutes
Concepts Taught: Scientific Method

After students are familiar with the steps of the scientific method, it is possible to conduct
this activity effectively.
Place students in small groups and distribute sample experimental problems written on
3x5 index cards.
Sample problem: Which brand of battery works the best?
Students need to follow the steps of the scientific method in oder to develop
their hypothesis, procedures, data collection, results and conclusion.
After deciding on procedures to follow to test their hypothesis, they will
design a graph and label the X and Y axis.
This activity will prepare your students if they are heading
into a science fair in the near future!!!
All information has to be recorded on paper in the order followong the steps of the method.