Grade: all
Subject: Mathematics

#794. T-Math

Mathematics, level: all
Posted Fri Jan 8 22:21:31 PST 1999 by M. L. Anderegg (
Dallas E. S., Dallas, GA, USA
Materials Required: paper, pencil, stickers
Activity Time: from 10-20 minutes, your choice
Concepts Taught: Basic Math Facts

Planning & Preparation
Keep a group of the T-Math sheets ready for those wonderful days when you wound up with 10-20 minutes extra between activities. Draw a lower case t on the far left side of a half of an 8 1/2 x 11 inch page. Extend the horizontal bar across the paper. On the left side of the vertical bar on top of the horizontal bar, write the operation sign (plus, minus, divide, multiple). Then under the horizontal bar on the left, lis from top to bottom numbers in random order. Draw a horizontal line across the page (L to R) . On the right side of the horizontal line in the original t shape, write one number.
Each problem is read starting at the next number under the horizatonal bar on the left side of the t's vertical bar and going up to the sign and across to the single number on top of the horizontal bar. On the back of the sheets, label them successively, A, B, each row has a distincitve letter on the back of their sheet of play.

Player arrangement
Seat children in desks rearranged into straight rows with different numbers of children on each. Alternate skilled players with less skilled players in each row.

Rules of play
Each child faces forward. As s/he is given the sheet, s/he works the next blank problem and writes the answer to the right of the number which began the problem. No problems may be skipped. When finished, the child turns around and places the paper on the desk behind him/her right side up to the person behind. The last person on the row brings the paper forward (walking up the right side of the row). Always have more problems than people on the row so the list will end with a different person during each play.
When all problems are worked, the last person to work a problem takes the sheet to the teacher who numbers it according to the order in which it was submitted. When all rows have finished their sheet, teacher checks the problems on each.
After winners have been determined for each round, write another number on each right hand bar of the t for the next round.

The earliest row to submit the most correct problems wins a point for that team. When one more round than the number of rows has been played, the children on the team with the most won rounds get a sticker. All other players get a stamp on their hand.

**If this gets to be a frequent game, be sure to mix up the participants in different rows each time to avoid establishing "winner rows" and "loser rows".