Grade: all
Subject: History

#798. African American History

History, level: all
Posted Tue Jan 12 10:47:14 PST 1999 by Patricia Ford (
Miami Norland Senior High School, Miami USA
Materials Required: Sixty little known facts about African Americans handout--original
Activity Time: one class period to one nine week grading per
Concepts Taught: using research skills

This is a repeat of lesson #378 with editing corrections!!!

Develop a list of 60 questions that relate to African/African American Studies. Check with your school's librarian to make sure that the materials are available or assign students to use the public library(ies) in their communities.

Using research skills, students must use print and non-print materials to locate answers to the questions. The time period can be determined by the teacher.

Have students document each answer using complete statements and indicating the print or non-print resource used. Encourage internet use.

Completed projects can be displayed for parent activities or for showcasing in the media center.

Finally, have students study the answers they have found and divide them into teams and have a brain bowl competition from the knowledge they have gained.

If you have difficulty finding or making a list, please e-mail me and I will be glad to assist you.