Grade: all

#801. Shoe Appreciation

Reading/Writing, level: all
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Silverdale, WA

I. Behavioral Objectives

a. Given the command, "take off your shoes and write me a sentence about
what you see." The students will take off one shoe and describe their shoe by
writing a sentence about their shoe, to the satisfaction of the teacher.
b. Given a variety of descriptive sentences about shoes and the command, "write
a story about where the best place your shoes have taken you." The students
will write a paragraph about their shoe, to the satisfaction of the teacher.
c. Given a piece of paper with a place for their story and a picture of their shoe,
the students will copy their paragraph onto the paper and draw a picture of
their show with 85% accuracy.

II. Materials

a. Paper, crayons, and pencil

III. Procedures

1. While the students are seated at their desks, take off one of your shoes and
look at it and say, "I just want to take a moment to appreciate my shoes.
They take me to so many places, but often I do not even realize they are
with me accompanying me through a voyage." Hold the shoe in the air
and say, "I declare the next few minuets Official Shoe Appreciation
Day." Then tell the class, to honor our shoes we will each describe our
shoe, write a paragraph about our shoe, and finally draw a picture of our

1. Instruct the class to take off one shoe.

2. Next, have the children write a sentences describing their shoes. Then
have them each read their sentences. (Write some things about each
students shoe on the board.)

3. Have the students write a sloppy copy about the best or worst place their
shoes have taken them.

4. Check the story to correct errors. Then, give the students a final copy to
write their stories on and to draw a picture of their shoe on. .

5. If time allows, have each student share their creative writing exercise.

1. Once all papers are turned in, put your shoe on and say, "Shoe
appreciation day is officially over, please put your shoes back on."
Then tell the class, "Today we were creative and wrote descriptive
paragraphs about our shoes. This just proves if you can write about a shoe
you can write about anything!"

Evaluation of students:
1. By observing the students during the lesson and by looking over the
students shoe papers the teacher will determine if the student has
successfully met the objectives to the lesson.

IV. Lesson Evaluation