Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

#805. Will a Diet High in Fat Cause A Mammal to Gain Weight?

Science, level: Senior
Posted Fri Jan 15 19:49:57 PST 1999 by Susan Kotch (
Dallas High School, Dallas, PA
Materials Required: 2 mice (same , size, age), 2 tanks, 2 water bottles, 2 wheels, food (junk food and lab food)
Activity Time: 2-6 weeks?
Concepts Taught: Application of the Scientific Method/ A controlled experiment

1. Introduce students to all of the parts of the scientific method.
2. Bring all materials to class. Ask class to formulate hypothesis.
3. Set up controlled exp. one mouse will eat JUNK food (fritos and corn curls work best) The other will eat lab food.
4. Weigh each mouse at beginning...sign students up to take responsibility of this task daily. Record on big chart on board and on premade handout made by you. Make quantitative and qualitative observations.

NOTE: The students will expect that the mouse eating junk food will gain weight, while the other will not. The opposite occurs due to a Vit A deficiency...youwill have to stop the experiment, so that the junk food mouse doesn't die. Also, report findings in school newspaper, students can graph results, research WHY the results occured. Email me if you have any questions...this is a great project and takes virtually NO class time....just some time for evaluation. Weighing is done during homeroom...I issue a pass if student needs one.