Grade: Senior
Subject: other

#806. Itinerary--Travel Planning

other, level: Senior
Posted Sun Jan 17 06:03:11 PST 1999 by Shannon Anderson-Rush (
Antioch Community High School, Antioch, IL USA
Materials Required: Internet connection
Activity Time: 2-3 class periods

This project is an excellent activity for students to take advantage of the Internet. This project should be used during an administrative planning unit after the parts of an itinerary and modeling of an itinerary have been taught. This project was designed for a Business Technology class (grades 11 & 12) and takes approximately 4 class periods depending upon the availability of the Internet access.


The student is to use the Internet to plan a business trip for their supervisor. The supervisor includes a memo explaining the details of the business trip. The supervisor explains that a business meeting will take place, when, and where and asks that an activity be planned for one afternoon. The student is to use information that can be found on the Internet to plan the transportation, accommodations, and one activity. Each scenario should include air transportation and some more difficult scenarios require renting a car and driving from the nearest airport to the final destination.

The student should use the Internet to find actual flight numbers, times and prices, accommodation names, locations and prices, and types of activities and costs. Students should gather their information and prepare an itinerary for their supervisor. They should also include a budget showing what each item costs and the total cost of the trip.



TO: (student), Administrative Assistant

FROM: (teacher), President

DATE: January 7, 19xx

SUBJECT: Business Trip to (city)

Please make the arrangements for my upcoming business trip on February 18 until February 20. I have an early morning meeting with Mr. Graham Greene, President of Castle Corporation on February 19. The meeting is at 8:30 a.m. at the Castle Corporation headquarters in (city). I would like to fly in the evening before the meeting but I can't leave the office until noon. I would prefer a direct flight if possible without a great deal of extra cost.

The meeting should last about 4 fours. After the meeting I would like you to plan something for me to do for the afternoon. I will be dining with Sheryl James and Mike Pearce, Vice-Presidents, at 8:00 p.m. Sheryl or Mike will pick me up.

I would like to fly back to (city) as soon as possible on February 20. Please prepare a trip itinerary for my review as soon as possible. Please also include a trip budget showing estimated expenditures including cost of transportation, hotel accommodations, and the activity on Thursday.