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#807. Dream Vacation

other, level: Senior
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Antioch Community High School, Antioch, IL USA
Materials Required: Internet, Maps, Computer
Activity Time: 6 weeks

This project is an excellent opportunity for students to put together many of the skills that have learned about using the computer, using the Internet, communication and math skills and good budgeting skills. This project was originally designed for a General Business class and could also be used in a Computer Applications course. This project takes approximately six weeks to complete depending upon the Internet access.


Students, working in pairs, are to use Internet and Library resources to plan a two-week dream vacation. The students must select transportation, sleeping accommodations, a variety of activities that require spending money, and food while maintaining a $5000 budget. The students must map ground travel routes and calculate mileage and/or select airline reservations.
The groups shall prepare a written report detailing the vacation. The report shall include the day-to-day activities, a short history of one destination, a business letter, and a brief summary explaining what the students learned by completing this project. The project shall also include a graphic from one of the travel locations
The groups shall organize their expenditures in an electronic spreadsheet and may choose to graph their data. The students will orally present their vacations to the class and may choose to use presentation software for this purpose.


You are now 18 years old and you own a vehicle. You and your travel companion are to plan a dream vacation for two weeks. You can go anywhere in the United States that you choose but must leave the state of Missouri. You may have one final destination at which you will spend your two weeks or you may go to several locations.
You are leaving on January 11 from (your hometown) and will return to (your hometown) on January 25. You may travel by air, train, bus, automobile, motorhome, or motorcycle. Air, train, and bus rates can be found on the Internet. Automobile and motorcycle travel expenses will be calculated as 32 cents a mile ($1.30 a mile for motorhome) and the route must be mapped and calculated.
You will need sleeping accommodations for each day of the trip except the day you return to (your hometown). Accommodations might include motel, villa, resort, or camping.
You must figure on eating 3 meals a day. Cost of meals for each person will be: Breakfast: $2.00-$5.00, Lunch: $5.00-8.00, and Dinner: $8.00-$20.00. You will need to include a variety of activities (things you are going to go do that cost money) and at least one activity per day. You do not have to have a planned activity on travel days. Use the Internet and the Library to find information for your trip including current costs of activities. Keep track of the books, magazines and web sites that you get information from. You will need to include that information in the bibliography of your paper.
You and your travel companion will prepare a paper detailing your trip. You will need to include an introduction explaining where you are going on your trip, a daily itinerary of where you are went, what you are did, and where you are stayed. You must include a detailed list of daily expenses for the trip. You will need to write a letter requesting a brochure or some type of information for one of your destinations, write a brief history of one of your destinations, and include a picture of one of your destinations. Also include a summary telling what you and your partner learned by doing this project.
At the end of the project, you and your partner will present your vacation to the rest of the class. You will share the information that you found, describe your activities, and explain what you learned by doing this project. Most of all, enjoy the project and have fun with it. Have a great two weeks.

Check List

Total cost of trip is calculated and neatly prepared
Total cost of trip between $4750-$5000
Food is included for each day of trip and is calculated
A letter requesting information
A variety of activities are planned
Activities for every day and calculated
Lodging accommodations for everyday
Travel identified and calculated
History of one state is written
Ground travel is mapped and mileage calculated
Trip is presented to class
Pay attention to other group presentations
Work together as a unit
Internet and library resources used
Vacation report is typed
Report includes an introduction
Report includes graphics
Paper includes a cover page
Students displays cooperation & good attitude toward project
Project is completed on time
Paper includes a summary of what the student learned from doing the project
Bibliography included