Grade: Middle

#812. The Rosetta Stone

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Wed Jan 20 03:24:01 PST 1999 by Mr. Shannon Babbie (
DCMO BOCES, Sidney Center, NY
Materials Required: handout provided
Concepts Taught: deciphering unknowns

Take the following sample and convert the words into Wingdings or some other font that is not readily intelligible. In Windows 95, just select all (ctrl+A), click on Format, then Font, scroll down to Wingdings, click on the font name, and away you go.
There are no capital letters because Wingdings uses different symbols for capitals and lowercase. I found that confused the kids, so I used only the lower case alphabet.
I used this in a Regents level, Global Studes II class. (That's 10th grade for teachers outside of NY State.)

global studies

the rosetta stone was discovered in august of 1799, and deciphered by a french scholar named jean champollion. the stone has three different languages written on it--hieroglyphics, demotic and greek.
the stone itself is made of basalt, a volcanic rock, and measures about three feet nine inches long by two feet four inches wide and eleven inches thick.
i hope everyone had fun doing this.