Grade: Middle


Social Studies, level: Middle
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Materials Required: Newspapers/magazine, scissors, glue sticks, posterboard or cardboard
Activity Time: 2 periods
Concepts Taught: Discuss the rooms of a house, using location expression.

To invent imaginary families.
The rooms of a house

I will give the class a tour of the house in the picture. Pronounce the name of each room as I refer t it, and comment briefly on each place. I would use gestures to indicate where I am in the house.

We will discuss on the rooms and objects in the picture, using location expressions. For example:
En esta casa hay cocina, bano, sala, comedor y dormitorio. abajo, en la cocina esta la estufa.

Afueras/outside Dentro/inside
Casa/house Furnitura/furniture
Bano/bathroom Comedor/dining room
Comoda/chest of drawers Armario/locker
Dormitorio/bedroom Izquierda/derecha: right/left
Sala/living room Arriba/abajo: up/down
Sofa/sofa Cocina/kitchen
Revistas/magazine Jardin/garden
Discoteca/dance club Sotano/basement
Picina/poor Garage/gararge
Cama/bed Patio/patio

newspapers or magazine
glue sticks
posterboard or cardboard


I will divide the class into 3 groups in an extended family.
Groups decide which of them play the different family members, deciding on personality, age, and other characteristics.
Students look through magazines for photos like their chosen characters, and rooms in the house and glue them to posterboard or cardboard.

Students present their characters to the class, describing them physically and taking about their personalities. Also, they talk about why that room in the house is so important for them. One student might say: Soy Sandra Maria Fernandez Colon. Tengo 15 anos. Estoy en el grado diez en la escuela superior Martin Luther King. Soy baja y tengo el pelo largo. Me gusta ir con mis amigos a bailar a la discoteca. Me gustaria ser profesora. El la casa me encanta mi cuarto porque es muy comodo, etc.
One student in each group introduces the family members, and talk about their favorite room in their house. Aqui les presento a la familia Sanchez Colon: el abuelo Ernesto Sanchez Gil, la abuela Maria Elena Silva de Sanchez, el padre Raul Sanchez Silva, el lugar preferido de la familia Sanchez Colon en la casa es el comedor, etc.
After the characters have been presented, they ask the class questions about themselves, and their house. For example: Soy uno de los hijos, como me llamo?, etc.

Others activities:
Individual or Pair Activity: makes a list of the rooms in the house. When one partner names a piece of furniture, the other names the room where it is found.
Pair Activity: use dentro and fuera to ask about objects inside or outside the house. Also, in pairs they can take turns putting objects next to each other. Partners have to make a simple sentence describing the relationships. For example: El lapiz esta a la derecha del libro.
Discuss where each room is located.

* Writing Activity: write five sentences describing what you have in your room.
Make up a skit in which you talk to one of your parents about what furniture you want in your room.

Draw a floor plan of your house. Instead of drawing the furniture, write the name of each piece where it belongs.