Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#819. Response cards/ Easy classroom assessment

other, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Jan 24 19:43:10 PST 1999 by Dawn ().
elementary, Indianapolis
Materials Required: photo album inserts/dry erase mark./sock
Activity Time: you choose
Concepts Taught: response cards as quick class assessm.

This activity can go with any lesson you have.
Buy the photo album inserts.(light board with the clear plastic)
These boards provide a cheap way to assess your classroom quickly.
I use these for math problems and phonics.
Example for phonics:
1. Say a word orally and have the students write the word correctly, with the proper markings.
2. Turn the board over until everyone is finished.
3. Hold up your answer.(By looking around the room, you'll know who is having difficulties. It also shows you who is writing reversed letters,
or having problems with the vowel sounds)
4. Anyone could use this idea with any subject! It's a way to keep the whole class involved and keeps you informed of your students' comprehension.