Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

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#82. Constellations for Second Grade

Science, level: Elementary
Posted by McCarthy and Yaun (
Michele Yaun and Lea McCarthy, USA
Materials Required: students, umbrellas
Activity Time: 45 minutes

I have a student teacher this quarter. She is soloing during our space unit. She came up with a cute idea about constellations. She suggested we put glow-in-the-dark stars on the inside of an umbrella. Students would lay on the floor (5 per umbrella) and look under the umbrella at the constellations. Students would turn the umbrella slowly to show how the constellations change positions. I would put different constellations on each umbrella and have students identify each. Parents could send black (or other dark colored) umbrellas to use for this activity. I know my students will love this activity!