Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#821. Popcorn Action

Language, level: Middle
Posted Mon Jan 25 17:42:31 PST 1999 by Digna Artiles (
Hudtloff Middle School, Lakewood, USA
Materials Required: air popper, popcorn, paper, pencils
Activity Time: 45 minutes - hour
Concepts Taught: action verbs, adverbs, and adjectives

Have the kids divide one side of paper into three columns:
1) What I see 2) What I smell 3) What I hear
On the other side, have them write two columns:
4) What I feel 5) What I taste
Next, instruct them that they are to remain silent until you ask them to speak. They are to fill in #1, 2, 3 as you pop the popcorn. They are to do this alone, and in silence. Now, turn the popper on, pour in the kernels, pop the corn. etc....
When you are done, pass out the popcorn, repeat the process until all have a little bit to try.
Have them complete #4, 5 on the backs of their paper.
Give adequate time, then brainstorm what they wrote onto a whiteboard or chalkboard, in five columns so that you have a great big chart of all that they wrote. If you will notice, almost all of the words that they use are either action verb