Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

#828. Mendelian Genetics with LEGOS

Science, level: Senior
Posted Mon Feb 1 09:31:12 PST 1999 by Ann Bulger (
Lancaster High School, Lancaster, Ohio U.S.A.
Materials Required: 25 to 30 each of 4 dif colors two sizes each.
Activity Time: 2 or 3 40 min pd.
Concepts Taught: Mendel's principles/ dom and recessive segregation of traits.

1. Have students select 25 to 30 each of LEGOS of different
sizes. i.e.25 4 dot red and 25 eight dot red.
2. Using large paper at least 10" by 11" Draw a grid.
Leave space to put parents and gamets at the top and side.
3. Give the students the Key for the problem as in T = tall
use an 8 dot red for T. t= short use a 4 dot red or a
second color for t.
4. Give the groups their problem ie. P1 cross TT:tt. Have
them place the parents at the top of the page above the grid.
Then have them determine and place the gamets across the top
and down the sides of the grid.
5. After checking their grids have some go to the board and
repeat the information.
6. Do genotype and phenotype with them.
7. Clear grid and repeat with new cross.