Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#829. Language Impact

Language, level: Senior
Posted Mon Feb 1 16:45:00 PST 1999 by Karen Haney (
Elkhart High School, Elkhart, Texas, USA
Materials Required: Research-traditional, The Net
Activity Time: Varies with teacher's design.
Concepts Taught: Impact of Spanish on USA employment

Stage 1: 2-student teams; select career that interests them.
Stage 2: Research the career for description, salary, future within, educational requirements, & need for spoken Spanish.
Stage 3: Select # of companies in the career field & send letter of explanation and survey which students write. Surveys may be sent via E-mail or Snail-Mail. Survey questions should be concise. Include return envelope.
Stage 4: Write report about the career, graphing the results of the survey questions. Report will use the research notes taken as well as the results.
Stage 5: Give short oral presentations using the graphs as visual aids.
Stage 6: Invite media to present student findings to the community in general.
(Skills-research, note taking, writing bibliography, writing report, analyzation of survey returns, graphing, understanding relevancy of Spanish in the USA job market, oral presentation skills, community sharing. With more advanced Spanish classes, this project may be written and presented to the class in Spanish.)