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Grade: Pre-School
Subject: other

#833. "Food Game"

other, level: Pre-School
Posted Wed Feb 3 05:20:18 PST 1999 by Katie Stepp (buddah_79@hotmail.com).
Mt. Pleasant Day Care, McLeansville, NC USA
Materials Required: pictures mounted to construction paper (both healthy and unhealthy foods), music (uptempo)
Activity Time: recess
Concepts Taught: The children will be able to identify healthy and non healthy foods and follow directions.

Lay pictures of foods around the area where the children will be. Have music playing in the background.
Have the children move to the music in the way you decide. When the music stops have them pick up the nearest
picture of food to them and identify if it is healthy or not. For the children with healthy
foods have them run, walk, skip or whatever to the music while holding the foods up. With the children with
unhealthy foods have them hold their food up and move in a different way then the other
children. They love moving and they learn to identify healthy and non unhealthy foods.