Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#840. Shapes in Spanish

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Feb 5 09:26:26 PST 1999 by Paige Gilbert (
Cartersville Middle School, Cartersville, GA USA
Materials Required: Continuation of previously posted lesson-still posted
Concepts Taught: Shapes, counitng from 1 tgo 20

4. The teacher introduces the bowl full of gummy circles, caramels, M&M's and triscuis. The teacher reachers into the bowl and displays a piece of candy that is red and says: Un dulce rojo. The teacher says: Como es? Es rojo y es un circulo. The teacher repeats this activity with each shape of candy.
5. The teacher then pulls outt a square candy and says: Es un circulo? The students will reply with yes/no answers. The activity continues until each shape has been identified twice.
6. The teacher now places a paper towel in front of each child and notes that it is a square. The teacher places a handful of the candy mix on each child's paper towel and asks the children to divide the candy by color, then by shape.

1. Hold up gummy ring and state: Es grande.
2. Hold up a M&M and state: Es pequeno.
3. While holding up boh state: El dulce es mas grande que el M&M.
4. Repeat the activity using the phrase: Es mas pequeno que. . .

1. the children make a shape person by cutting out shapes that are used to represent the body of a person.
2. The children may make a shape book: My Shape Book
3. The children will put puzzle together that is based on shapes used to form picures.

Extra Activities:
1. Make fruit loop necklace
2. Memory using shapes