Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#841. Using the Internet for Grammar Exercises

Language, level: Middle
Posted Fri Feb 5 10:09:47 PST 1999 by Paige Gilbert (
Cartersville Middle School, Cartersville, GA USA

Level: Spanish 1, 2, and 3

Time Frame: One lesson of 50 minutes

1. The student will identify correct forms of verbs.
2. the student will be able to use the internet to complete grammar exercises./

Materials Needed:
Computer Lab
Instructions on how to to use the web site
Vocabulary List

Instructional Plan:
1. The teacher will check roll as the students enter the classroom.
2. The students will be instructed to gather their materials and the class will venture to the computer lab.
3. The students will log onto, and then to Tutorial, then to the appropriate lesson.
4. The students will work on these lessons for the remainder of the class.

The teacher will check the e-mail account for all exercises completed by the students . The computer will not accept incorrect answers, so the students must perform a self-check.