Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#842. Retelling a Story

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Feb 7 21:35:20 PST 1999 by P. Brown (
Vancouver, B.C.
Materials Required: 11X17 paper, crayons, any picture book
Activity Time: 40 - 60 minutes,
Concepts Taught: sequencing, predicting, retelling, writing

Kids fold paper into 8 boxes and number the boxes.
In first box, kids print the name of the story and own
name. While you are waiting for other kids to finish, students draw some
pictures of what they think the story might be about.
Teacher reads story stopping every so often to let kids draw/
write sentences about the story in each box.
(I let kids have 2 or 3 minutes for drawing.)
Make sure tchr finishes story at box 8.
Ask one or two students to retell the story based on pictures.

Extension Activity: Next day, have kids rewrite story and
put pictures and written story together.

This is an excellent lesson to leave for subs and for subs to have
in their bag of tricks.