Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#850. Peek a Boo, I Hear You

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Feb 10 15:24:27 PST 1999 by Heather Blacksher (
Student Teaching Currently, Nixa/Springfield, MO
Materials Required: Multiplication Flashcards
Activity Time: During multiplication practice
Concepts Taught: Game for multiplication practice

*Divide class into several even numbered groups (about 7 - 10)
*Each group forms a circle sitting close to each other
*Everyone covers their eyes except for one person from each group (Looker)
*The looker watches the flashcard person
*When the flashcard has been shown, the person holding them says "go" and everyone uncovers their eyes (flashcard put away)
*The looker whispers the problem and answer into the person to the right's ear (3X3=9)
*It goes around the circle until it reaches the last person
*The last person stands up and says the problem and the answer (3X3=9)
*The first team to get the correct answer gets a point
*The next round, rotate who the looker will be
*If other students in the circle think the answer is wrong, they can change it and tell the next person what they think it is
*If the looker does not know the answer they would whisper that (3X3=I don't know) so that the next person may know it and help
*If the team only yells out the answer without the problem, it does not count
*If you have an uneven number, the odd person gets to hold the flashcards and rotate in
*If they do not whisper, or discuss aloud, they are disqualified
*Whatever team has the most points at the end wins