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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#851. "Net the Whales"

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jun 18 08:38:30 PDT 1999 by CINDY MILLER ().
Cedar Falls, Iowa USA
Materials Required: note cards
Activity Time: 3-5 days
Concepts Taught: Writing skills

"Net the Whales"
Internet Scavenger Hunt
by Cindy Miller


Directions: To begin your scavenger hunt you will use note cards to record facts about gray whales.

1) To begin your hunt for whales on the "net" find ten fun facts about gray whales. Click on the bookmark, "Fishin' for Facts: Gray Whale." Read and list ten facts about gray whales.


2)To continue your search, go back to bookmarks. Click on "The Majestic Presence of the Whale." Scroll down to #3,"The Gray Whale." Click on "The Gray Whale." Read to find out how long gray whales can dive without coming up for air. Find five new facts about gray whales to add to your notes.


3)Next you will go back to bookmarks and click on "Sea World, Busch Gardens." Under "Fast Facts" click on "Animal Bytes." Scroll down on the far left. Click on gray whale. Read to find out where gray whales feed. List five or more facts in this article for your paper. Go back to Sea World Web Page. Scroll down to "Just for Fun." For fun, click on "aquatic safari" and list some of the coral found in the oceans where whales exist.


4) To continue your search go back to bookmarks and click on
"Room 13's Whale Watch Trip." Take a trip with Mr. Llewellyn's sixth grade class at Rute Musser Middle School in Cucamonga, California to see a real California Gray whale. Pretend you are really on the trip. Write down what you learned and how you felt about seeing a gray whale in real life.


5) Go back to bookmarks: Click on "Llewellyn Class info, Welcome to the Room 13 Whale Web." Click on " Gray Whale." Read about the paper on the Gray Whale and any others that interest you. This is a good example of how you can write and illustrate your own paper.


6) Go back to bookmarks, click on http//www.for sea.org/patterns.html.
Have your teacher or parent help you construct your own whale soft-sculpture gray whale. (optional activity)