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#857. Lincoln Penny Lesson

other, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Feb 17 20:16:37 PST 1999 by Elaine Magud (
Joshua Cowell Elementary School, Manteca, Ca.
Materials Required: Varied
Activity Time: 15 - 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Varied

Lincoln - penny lesson

Activity 1: Observation and discussion
Materials : magnifying glass, penny
Use a magnifying glass to explore a penny and discuss what students observe about the penny.
Have students look closely at the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the penny. They should be able to see Lincoln sitting in the middle of the building.

Facts : The penny is made out of copper. Copper is one of the cheapest metals to be found. Even the poorest person can carry the penny and be reminded of Lincoln and how he did so much for Civil Rights.

Activity 2: Magic bath
Materials: small glass container for each group or student, white vinegar, salt, paper towel, and a penny for each student.

Give the President a bath! Drop a dirty penny into a clear container of white vinegar and add bath salts (regular table salt). Watch the penny become shiny and new!

Activity 3:Penny Necklace
Materials: For each student - 3 ovals of construction paper -red, white, and blue. (I used the left over middles of the 0's from our 100's day celebration that had been cut on the Elison). Hole punch, yarn, glue, penny.
Glue the ovals side by side to form a medallion. Punch a hole in the top of the middle circle and
string the yarn through (tie yarn to make necklace). Glue your penny to the center of your medallion.