Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#860. Charging Redchief

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Sun Feb 28 06:35:05 PST 1999 by Mary Edelen (
Reeves Elementary, Long Beach, United States
Materials Required: A copy of "Ransom of Redchief" by O'Henry
Activity Time: 2 hrs.
Concepts Taught: Reading for details, teaching character development

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Lesson Name: Charging Redchief

Grade Level: middle school and high school
Concepts: Reading for details, teaching character development
Materials Needed: A copy of "Ransom of Redchief" by O'Henry
Activity Time: 2hrs.
After reading " Ransom of Redchief" by O'Henry, the students will divide up into two teams. One team will represent the defense and the other
will represent the prosecuter's team. The kidnappers are suing Johnny (Redchief) for assault and battery as well as extortion. The goal of the defense\
is to prove that Johnny was kidnapped and innocent. The goal of the prosecuting team is to prove that the kidnappers were assaulted and indeed had money extorted from them.
After the groups read for details, find witnesses by using people in the story, the students will conduct a trial. Each team will be responsible for an attorney and their witnesses.
Students may have to use their imagination and character development skills to create their witnesses.
My students read every word of the story several times looking for details to help their case. They were amazed at what they had missed on their first reading.