Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

#865. Wildlife Conservation

Science, level: Senior
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Indenpendence High School, Independence, IA. U.S.
Materials Required: Internet access
Activity Time: 90 minutes
Concepts Taught: Biodiversity

Environmental Education
Biodiversity Unit
Wildlife Conservation

The biodiversity unit in Environmental Science is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore wildlife and the diversity that makes up the living part of the planet Earth. The exploration part of the assignment is done on the Internet using selected web sites that allow students the opportunity to do tasks at the same time.
The objectives for the task are:
Students will:
1. Compile information on endangered species from
four different web sites provided by the
2. Compare and contrast the information at each
site to determine the major need of wildlife
species for survival.
3. Analyze information from commercial web sites
so students may form their own opinions.
The students will perform a scavenger hunt on four web sites chosen to illustrate the principles of wildlife management discussed in class. The students will fill out a graphic organizer to help organize their thoughts on the subject.

Student Assignments
Each students is responsible for their own work. Each one will open the web site named and follow the directions provided.
1) • Sierra Club at
• find the picture labeled great outdoors click
• scroll down to conservation policies click
• scroll down to wildlife conservation click on wildlife
and native plants
• read wildlife and native plants policy
• take notes for projects later on graphic organizer

2) • Pheasants Forever at
• read club statement
• click on Pheasants Forever story
• read and take notes on organizer for project later

3) •PETA at
• click on about PETA
• click on PETA mission statement read
• click on PETA history read and take note on organizer

4) • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at
• scroll down to more popular sites click on "Endangered
• endangered species home page in left column click on
slide show for "Endangered Means There's still Time"
• click on review slide show with small GIF images
• read and watch slide show take notes on organizer
• take quiz at end of show hand in

You have now reviewed a small portion of the organizations in the world which
have opinions on the topic of endangered species and the use of resources. These resources may or may not be endangered or threatened. The assignment is for you to compare the mission statement , policies on endangered species, and their stand on resource use. You will need to do this in a written report, word processed of a length that covers the subject and you are proud to turn in. As a guide only I would think that a paper of two pages doubled spaced could cover the topic. Also give thought as to whether or not you could support and/or become a member of these organizations based on their policies, mission, and stand on resource use. Be able to support your decisions in a class discussion over the topic.