Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#866. Dr.Seuss

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Mar 1 06:59:31 PST 1999 by Kathy Patchett (
Materials Required: Computer
Activity Time: 5-day+


Here is one week of a much longer unit. Worksheets are not included because it became to lengthy to send through e-mail. This unit attempts to hit as many learning styles and multiple intelligences as possible. This is written for an MAE course with an emphasis on technology so you can use this in conjunction with my web site @:
Hope it's helpful and have fun!

Day 1 Intro to Dr. Seuss
Objective: Students will identify various works of literature written by Dr. Seuss.
Objective: Students will type The Search word given by teacher into a search engine.
Objective: Students will type an Internet address given by teacher into e-mail.
Objective: Students will play games on Internet.
1. Watch the VIDEO "Dr. Seuss On the Loose: which gives an overview of many of the Dr. Seuss most popular stories.
2. Students will be given the word Seussville to type into the Internet search engine set by teacher. They will find and click on Seussville and manipulate the mouse to play games and complete activities on that site.
Assessment: Students are successful in location the correct web site.
Assessment. Student successfully manipulate the computer mouse and keyboard to complete one game on the web site.

Day 2 Green Eggs and Ham
Objective: Students will properly insert a CD ROM into computer and manipulate mouse
and keyboard to run story and play in the story.
Objective: Students will produce rhyming words in a story.
Objective: Students will demonstrate responsibility as part of a cooperative group.
3. Students will listen to the story, "Green Eggs and Ham" in small teams. During the story
they will need to write down a list of rhyming words.
4. Students can plan the activities on the CD ROM Disk.
5. Students work in Cooperative Groups to "rewrite" the story, using the KIDSWORKS writing program or a word processor and a fill in the blank template made by the teacher. Rhyming words are to be changed to make the new story. Groups should then add graphics to go with their new story. The story can be presented to the class.
Example: I do not like asparagus. I do not like it in a bus. I would not eat it in a tree, I would not eat it with a bee.
Assessments: Student will identify 80% of the rhyming words from the story.
Assessments: Students will complete a story written on the computer with correct use of rhyming words.

Day 3 The Cat in the Hat

Objective: Students will show an understanding of the book, "The Cat in the Hat" by acting out the story or by making the story into a song or rap.
Objective: Students will find the teacher directed sit on the Internet.
Objective: Students will type and send an e-mail with teacher direction.

1. Read "The Cat in the Hat" aloud to the class. Discuss. Divide into teams and reread story. Cooperative Teams decide what kind of activity they would like to do to show their understanding of the story. They can act out the story in the form a play. They can make up a song or rap. Or, they can come up with their own idea. The finished product will be presented to the class. (Since I wrote this I was fortunate to find the Living Books Cat in the Hat CD ROM so I intend to use that medium as well.)
2. Practice typing skills on the keyboard by typing in various "practice" e-mail addresses. After they are proficient in this, they will search the web for the Seussville site and locate the "Ask the Cat" Web site.
Students will choose one of the questions to ask the cat and follow teacher directions to appropriately fill in all fields. All answers to E-mail questions will be read by the class.
Assessment: Students will produce the activity of their choice to show an understanding of Dr. Seuss' Works.
Assessment: Students will successfully type and locate an e-mail address.

Day 4 My Many Colored Days

Objective: Students will show understanding of the story through discussion questions.
Objective: Students will locate the assigned web site.

1. Read "My Many Colored Days" aloud to the class. Divide class into teams and reread. Class answers discussion question which were developed by teacher.
2. Students locate web site, By either typing in the address or performing a search. When they have found the web site, students choose one of the "Many Colored Activities" to PRINT out. Teacher sets up these activities and students complete all centers starting with the one they chose.
Assessment: Students will complete a story web from "May Many colored Days".
Assessment: Students will successfully find and print from a web site.

Day 5 Final Project

Objective: Students will organize words in a book in alphabetical order.
Objective: Students will insert a graphic to a computer software program and manipulate that program to produce an iron transfer, a card, sign or banner.

1. Read "DR. Seuss's ABC Book". Manipulate the same story on CD ROM Living books. page. .
2. View "Dr. Seuss graphic on a disk that has been prepared by the teacher (see web link at my site for various graphics to use). Choose one of the following for a final project:
Make and ABC Book. One page for each letter. Students must write a sentence with their letter word on each page. Example: Aa-Alice ate ants. They, then illustrate each page.
Make a T-shirt iron-on transfer. Find graphic on the prepared disk, import (with teacher assistance) and print.
Make a card, sign, or banner. Find graphic on the prepared disk, import (with teacher assistance) and print.
Assessments: Students will manipulate computer keyboard and mouse to view story pages and "play" in the story.
Assessments: Students will complete one of the activities listed for a final project.