Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#869. Multiplication Stations

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Mar 1 19:54:16 PST 1999 by Lisa Hall (
Carter's Valley Elementary, Church Hill, Tennessee
Materials Required: Listed below
Activity Time: 20 minutes or more
Concepts Taught: Multiplication

The following are game stations that I use to reinforce the multiplication
facts. I keep each game "ready to go" making it a good activity for a
substitute to use.

Hands Down Multiplication

Materials needed: "Slap-O-Matic" from a Hands Down game, playing cards (half with
multiplication problems and half with their answers)

Game rules:
1. Each player draws 7 cards.
2. At each player's turn the player looks for a matching problem and product.
they have a match they slap their "hand" on the Slap-O-Matic. The other
players also slap their "hand." The player's "hand" that is last to go down
loses a card to the player who had the match. If the player does not have
match when it is their turn they must draw a card but can still slap the
3. The player with the most matches when time is called is the winner.

Wheel of Fortune Multiplication

Materials needed: Money value wheel from a Wheel of Fortune Game, dice (I use
blank dice and write the numbers 5-10 on each.), score sheets

Game rules:
1. Each player spins the wheel to determine their money value.
2. They must then roll the dice and find the product of the two factors.
3. If they are correct they may add the money value to their score card.
(If the player lands on bankrupt they lose their "money.")
4. The player with the most "money" on their score card when time is called is
the winner.


This is a board game that uses the principles of Scrabble only with numbers, addition
signs, equal signs, etc

Uno Multiplication

Materials needed: Uno cards, dice, score sheets

Game rules:
Follow the same rules as Uno with one added feature. Each player must roll
the dice and answer the product of the two numbers before they can
play a card or draw a card.

Multiplication Bingo

Materials needed: blank Bingo cards, game pieces (At Valentine's Day I use candy.),
multiplication flash cards in a bag

Game rules:
1. Each player writes multiplication problems on their card. They may choose
any problem from 0 X 0 to 12 X 12.
2. The players take turns drawing a flash card from the bag and reads the
problem and answer.
3. Any player with that multiplication problem may place a game piece on their
4. The first player to fill their board wins.