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#870. Basketball review

other, level: all
Posted Tue Mar 2 09:31:24 PST 1999 by Laura A. Magdzas (
Northwood School District, Minong, WI
Materials Required: Waste basket piece of paper for each student.
Activity Time: Up to the intstructor.
Concepts Taught: Review for upcoming tests/quiz

Have a list of review questions ready for an upcoming test.
Place the basket in the front of the room elevated on a chair.
Each student should "crumple" up their paper to make a ball.
Ask the first student a review question, if correctly answered
he/she is given 1 point and may now go to the "free throw" line
to attempt an additional point. If the first shot is made he/she
may attempt a second shot. This game is a BIG hit with my 8th
grade Health class, especially during basketball season. A fun
and easy way to review for a test! Points can be used as extra
credit or added to offset poor test performance.