Grade: Senior
Subject: History

#873. Student made biography of George Washington

History, level: Senior
Posted Thu Mar 4 11:43:06 PST 1999 by Rick (
Twin Valley South HS, W. Alexanderia,Oh.
Materials Required: Computer lab.,notebook paper,teacher made WS list and pencil
Activity Time: (2)45 minute periods in lab
Concepts Taught: Students will utilize computer for research

Students will recieve a worksheet with five objectives:
-need imformation on Washingtons boyhood
-locate personal information about his family
-vital statistics,speeches or quotes
-locate events in Washingtons life (pre-pres.)
-locate events during his presidency
Group students in pairs of two for research on computer.
Once they have researched subject on the web. Have them
compose their work independently. Students must write the
final draft. They must resubmit in type. They must include
information from all five areas. All work will be accepted
at teacher discretion.Drafts should be checked before they
are typed.
This assignment is intended to give students experience
in using the internet. Of course, you can supplement many
approaches to using computer, such as adding clip art.