Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#885. Human Skeletal System

Science, level: Middle
Posted Tue Mar 9 18:13:05 PST 1999 by Sue Jankowski (
Grove City College, Bio Sec Ed student, Grove City, PA 16127
Materials Required: mural paper, markers, diagrams of skeleton
Activity Time: 1 class periods
Concepts Taught: Bone identification and disorders

Go over the functions of the skeleton, and the different parts of the bone including the periosteum, Haversian canals, and marrow and have the students define the different disorders of the skeletal system including:
simple and compound fractures, osteoarthritis, sprain, osteoporosis, and dislocations.
Hand out skeletal diagram with important bones included. Have the students get into groups of three and give them a piece of mural paper and some markers. Have them trace the outline of one of their members and then draw in the bones from the diagram, but not labeling them. Have them make the bones different colors or easily discernible from eachother. Then have them make flashcards of the bones out of index cards. Once the drawings and flashcards are finished, have them quiz eachother in preparation for a game. For the game have one student from each group go up to the board (you may want to combine groups to make larger teams). Point to a bone from one of the murals or ask a question from the lesson and have the students race to write the name on the board. Maybe hang the mural of the team who wins in the classroom.