Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#888. The Doctor is In

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Mar 10 17:37:29 PST 1999 by Jody (
Materials Required: Doctor's lab coat, real or play stethoscope, surgery greens (optional)
Activity Time: 30-40 min.
Concepts Taught: Identifying correct sentences.

One of my students' favorite things to do is dress-up. I have created costumes for lessons in most curricular areas. They are extremely simple and very inexpensive, but my kids love them. The doctor's coat for this lesson can found in a Lakeshore catalog, but I just bought a pattern at the store and sewed it up. This activity is one of my favorites.
1. Post a sentence on the board. The sentence may or may not have errors. It can be from a student's writing, but we never "name names".
2. A 'doctor' is selected from the class. The doctor puts on the lab coat and stethoscope and "examines" the sentence. (The 'doctor' may the stethoscope.) The sentence may be in perfect health or may need surgery. In the event that surgery is necessary, we call in a surgeon who 'operates' on the sentence. (Corrects errors.)
3. This process is repeated two or three times (daily, in my class).
4. Repeat often, adding new skills to sentences as they are introduced into the curriculum (i.e. compound words, contactions, spelling,etc.)