Grade: all

#892. Vocabulary Review

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Sun Mar 14 16:35:43 PST 1999 by Pam Hurst ().
Escambia Academy, Atmore, AL
Materials Required: vocab words on individual 3 x 5 cards
Activity Time: unlimited

This lesson is based on the "Password" game show.
The class is divided into two teams (middle school loves
boys vs. girls) with each team choosing the first giver and receiver
and then played with the giver trying to get the receiver
to say the word by using one word clues. They find opposites
are good only when intoned questionally (stooooop? for go)
and synanyms are real handy to know. Givers and receivers
are changed if the giver has to pass (does not...
literally...have a clue) and the receiver is changed when
the receiver has missed two words. This is so popular,
we have to watch our noise level!